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Rough Guide 2012

“A three-day sail on the twenty-two meter twin masted Manawanui which takes up to 10 people around the Bay with the emphasis on exploration and appreciation of the natural environment.  Excellent meals are included, along with on-board dorm style and double cabin accommodation, use of kayaks, snorkel gear, fishing tackle and a good deal of local knowledge and enthusiasm.”

Lonely Planet 2012

“Ecocruz is a highly recommended three day/two night sailing cruise with an emphasis on marine wildlife and environment, aboard the 72ft ocean going yacht Manawanui.  The cost includes accommodation, all meals and activities that include fishing, kayaking and snorkelling.”

From our guestbook:

“Thank you very much for an absolutely wonderful 3 day sailing experience!  We all really enjoyed ourselves… from catching the tuna to spotting seals and penguins to diving for mussels in the frigid winter waters, to the breath taking hikes, to the kayaking and fishing and the pod of dolphins surfing the bow… our group had an AMAZING time aboard the Manawanui.  You have a beautiful boat and a wonderful place to call home. Endless thanks and appreciation. I will definitely recommend Ecocruz in high regard. Be well.”
Justin, group leader, Adventures Cross Country, USA

ecocruz-7“Thank you for sharing your love of the sea with us! You have truly inspired not only myself, but our kids as well.  They learned so much and had the most amazing experience. Thank you again for the memories that will last us all a lifetime. Best wishes in all your travels.”
Katie, group leader, Adventures Cross Country, USA

“Sean and I had an awesome time on the boat. The 3 days passed by so quickly, yet I feel that we had so much time to do everything and relax. My first time snorkelling was awesome and well guided by John. Say hi to Moby for us after we’re gone. We’ll always remember this trip”
Andrew and Sean, California

ecocruz-5“Six months planning this trip to NZ back in Belfast… We booked so many things before arriving but the highest expectations were always for the Ecocruz. And you didn’t disappoint! Fantastic trip - a lot of fun, lovely people, amazing scenery and a ton of great food every meal time. Many thanks for such a great experience.”
Alison, Belfast

“Thanks to the best crew in the Bay of Islands. I’ve had an amazing time over the past 3 days and have loved all the experiences you’ve opened my eyes to. My hat is off to the incredible chefs and thank you for all the snorkelling, kayaking and sailing guidance. This has by far been my best weekend in 4 weeks of travels. Take care and continue the great job you guys do. Thanks again.”
Merril, Denver, Colorado

“What a great time. It’s been fab to be with people who so love and respect the ocean and marine wildlife. Thanks for hosting us and looking after us so well. All the best for your future plans at sea!”
Selma, England

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. We cannot thank you enough for a memorable and one of the best trips we have done so far. Excellent food and activities and so well organised. Not too happy about it ending. Safe lives to all of you.”
Julie and Paul, England